‘They fired me for speaking my beliefs’: Hardline sheikh outraged after being SACKED from his day job

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A hardline Islamic sheikh has been sacked from his day job for telling his followers women need to wear the hijab so men can control their sexual urges.

Daily Mail

Queensland Muslim leader Sheikh Zainadine Johnson was weighing into claims made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein when he advised women on the need to cover up.

‘Men should be able to control themselves. This is a common argument against the Islamic hijab,’ he told his Facebook followers.

‘I totally agree, they should be able to control themselves, however facts show many don’t, this is why a hijab is necessary for women.’

The Sunni founder of the Logan City Mosque, south of Brisbane, was sacked from his undisclosed job six days after Daily Mail Australia broke the story.


‘People insult my religion day in and day out to the point where pornographic videos were made insulting my Prophet and it is freedom of speech,’ he said.

‘However if I speak something I believe from my religion on my own Facebook to my friends I am fired.’

Sheikh Johnson said he had ‘secretly worked’  in a high-profile state emergency services job ‘helping the people of Queensland, saving children’s lives every day’.

But he had declined to name the company to avoid anti-Islam groups attempting to defame his employer.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said it had no record of him working there.

The Muslim-convert and Sharia law advocate, who used to play in a band, had also used his sermon to urge women to avoid wearing bracelets out in public.

‘There’s no problem with a female wearing a gold bracelet and making herself look beautiful as long as it’s underneath her hijab or at home, no problem,’ he said.

‘In front of her husband, no problem. But on the streets wearing it? No.

‘In front of the people, this is not what’s permissible.’

Sheikh Johnson’s argument linking the hijab with keeping at bay the sexual urges of men has echoes of controversial remarks by former western Sydney-based grand mufti Sheikh Taj el Din al-Hilaly, who in 2006 described women who don’t wear the hijab as ‘uncovered meat’.


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