The Zuck got F*cked!

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Well Mr. Zuckerberg Karma is one beautiful bitch. After years of censoring people on your platform, deleting accounts, banning individuals and various other actions taken against those whose thoughts and beliefs dont align with the anti gun collective its seems our beautiful mistress has dealt a crippling blow!

According to Fox News 

Bad day on the stock market? Chances are it doesn’t compare to the losses Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg experienced on Thursday after the  social media giant’s shares plunged 19% erasing over $119 billion in market cap in just one day, the most ever for a public company, according to our partners at WSJ Market Data Group. It is also the worst percentage drop for the company ever.

The losses hit Zuckerberg’s wallet to the tune of about $15 billion through the 387,095,123 Facebook shares (Class A and B shares combined) he owns, according to FactSet.

Before the stock…

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It definitely seems that everyone is starting to get tired of his shit especially the shareholders. While it may not be in defense of the 2A community that facebook has continuously screwed over it and is a direct result of facebooks Data scandal, its still great to see karma working in mysterious ways!

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