The Power Of Taser Compels You!

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I have NO idea what is going on here but from the looks of things it would appear that the police were called to handle a disturbance at a convenience store and the suspect attempted to exercise the officers.

According to, They verified through social media posts and Google Maps that the Ultimart gas station in question is located in Theresa, Wisconsin, a small town in Dodge County. The video was also posted in March 2019 to YouTube, where it racked up more than 50,000 views.

Which really threw us off because we were hoping it was Florida. Guess crazy is everywhere.

The woman can be seen approaching the police officers with her hand outstretched and yelling incoherently. The officer does appear to give the woman plenty of time to rethink her situation and backs away before he decides hes had enough and deploys the taser.

…and just like that the crazy woman is dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Dont try to exorcise the police, people. It is not going to work out in your favor.


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