The many uses of the SHEMAGH

From the India scarf wrap, to the Hijab wrap, to the Rice Farmer’s wrap, the Shemagh is a tremendously versatile piece of kit.

For those of you out there that think that wearing one of these makes you a terrorist sympathizer, just stop. You’re dumb. It’s a piece of clothing. That being said, there are MANY ways that this 3×3 piece of cloth can offer you everything from protection from the environment, to a survival tool.

1- It can be used as a tourniquet. If you don’t know how to use/tie a tourniquet I suggest you take a first aid course.
2- It can be used as a face shield to protect you from sand, high winds, cold etc…
3- It can be used as a filter to help protect you from things like smoke and tear gas. It’s not full proof, but better than no protection at all.
4- Can be used as a rag. Do I really need to explain what a rag is?
5- Last resort bandage. You’re all out of pressure bandages, or you don’t have bandages and need to stop bleeding. Fold and apply direct pressure.
6- Makeshift rope. I wouldn’t rely on this tho support too much weight, but in a pinch you should be able to utilize the shemagh as a make do rope. Good for quick egress etc…
7- Can be used as a sling for an injured arm or several could be used to apply a field splint.
8- The Shemagh could be used as a disquise. You’re in country and need to blend in with the natives, wrap it up and dirka dirka dirka.
9- Some of the available colors and patterns out there can be used to aid in camouflage, breaking up the natural pattern of your silhouette.
There are many applications for such a simple and inexpensive piece of equipment. Plus you can look “Tacti-Cool”!

Here are 21 ways to wear the Shemagh in this video:">