The LAST Bolt Carrier Group You’ll Ever Buy!

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There are a number of reasons to replace your bolt carrier group. One is the coating whether its nickel boron or black nitride anything is better than stock. Some of these coatings are even self lubricating and add to the reliability of the weapon. They also aid in making the maintenance and cleaning super easy. However, APF has come out with a brand new DLC like coating “SP4” thats microns thick, super hard, and offers a high lubricity. Each individual part of the bolt is coated!

Tactical Shit is proud to introduce BCGs featuring SP4, a new hybrid DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating that is the result of over a year in development.

SP4 combines high hardness (2500-3500 HV) with ductility to remain tough without exhibiting brittleness vs common PVD/DLC type thin film coatings. SP4 reduces friction and improves wear resistance for metal components which provides a longer life span and requires minimal maintenance with little to no lubrication. It has been tested to -44 degrees F in the mountains of Alaska, and has been tested in the both Iraq and Afghanistan with no lubrication, which is a huge advantage in desert environments and extreme cold.

SP4 has passed the ASTM 85 (Annex 1) Salt Fog test and provides the best hardness/lowest friction co-efficient while maintaining the ability to “move” with the metal it is protecting. Includes a hand polished bolt carrier with a chrome lined bore and staked gas key, bolt with gas rings, firing pin, cam pin, and firing pin retaining pin.

The TacticalShit M16 BCG w/ SP4 coating even comes in a lightweight option!

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