The END of an Era. AC130U Gunships Retire! *Video*

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All Spookys are now present and accounted for at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base. The last one returned from combat earlier this week. Since being first fielded in combat in 1995 these magnificent planes have rained down fire upon America’s enemies for damn near 25 years the amount of munitions could very well rival that of its famous BRRRRTTT brother the A10 warthog.

Anyone whose ever visited the Florida panhandle is familiar with the distinct symphony these flying fortresses compose almost every night.

The aircraft was equipped with a 25mm gattling gun, a 40mm bofors, and a 105mm howitzer cannon the distinct advantage that the gunship provided was unlike a fighter jet they could stay over a target for an extended period of time before returning to base or being tagged out by another gunship ensuring the enemy had no hope of escape or hiding.

However a newer deadlier model is taking its place. The AC130J Ghost rider. While the Ghost rider doesn’t have the signature Gatling gun or 40mm bofors. The Ghostrider does still retain the 105mm and a new trainable 30mm gun. It also has one more ability that the AC-130U didnt have and that was the ability to carry standoff weapons such as the the GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb and AGM-176 Griffin missiles. Theres even rumors the Air Force is planning to test high-energy lasers on the airframe in the foreseeable future. The J model will be able to stay airborne for a 1/3 the cost of the original.


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