The consequences of making sexytime in the back of a cop car.

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Well, it was bound to happen. Its been awhile since our hero Florida man has struck. But here we go. A couple was arrested at a Walmart in Florida and subsequently decided having some fun in the back seat on their way to jail was the best idea in the world. As a result the Officer driving the car was suspended for 20 days without pay due to the violation of several policies.

The DailyMail writes A Florida police officer has been suspended for letting two shoplifting suspects perform sex acts on each other other in the back of his patrol car without intervening.

An internal investigation into the cruiser ride happened in July 2018, shortly after Fort Pierce Police Officer Doug McNeal took Zachery Moellendick, 23, and Krista Leigh, 24, into custody for shoplifting at a Walmart.

Body camera footage first shows McNeal inside a Walmart, where he encounters Leigh.

Ten minutes later he picks the couple up and puts them in his car.

A report claims the couple had stolen jewelry and a baby toy.

Leigh was handcuffed and placed inside the patrol car but Moellendick, who had been using crutches to help him walk at the time, was never restrained by McNeal.

During their drive to St Lucie County jail, video shows the pair ‘holding each other, cuddling and kissing’ while the Barry White song ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love,’ plays in the background.

Officer McNeal also allows Moellendick to smoke a cigarette inside the patrol car, according to the footage which was obtained by WPTV.

In the footage, the officer ignores a passerby who tells him: ‘I think they’re making babies back there,’ referring to the couple fondling of each other.

‘This continues for approximately six minutes.’ He then turned his camera on when the couple are in the car.

He was also disciplined for failing to tell dispatchers where he was going and did not report his mileage.

According to the document, he violated policies related to body worn cameras, authorized restraint, detainee transport operations, special transport situations, and use of tobacco products.

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