Thats not how a toll booth works! *Graphic*

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Buckle up for safety motherfuckers! No seriously… or youll end up like this guy!

The Tribunist writes

Here’s your public service announcement for the day: wear your seat belt. Usage of the ubiquitous safety device might prevent you from being ejected through the windshield when the driver the car you are in slams into a concrete barrier in front of a toll booth, as this driver did. The result, in this case, is terrifying. The video of the incident captures the moment of impact and the aftermath.

The crash happened at 7:15am on June 3 near St. Cloud, Florida. The driver of the car sped into the barrier in front of a toll booth on the Florida Turnpike. It appears that the car never even slowed down.

The impact ejected the passenger. The man flew through the air, and into the middle of the toll booth some 20 feet away from the collision. The impact seemed extreme, and the

The driver of the car walked away from the wreck. The events happened so quickly, that the passenger wasn’t noticed immediately.

The car appears to be on fire. The dazed driver limps away and then another passenger climbs out of the vehicle.

In all, the clip is only 50 seconds long. In total, there were five people in the car. “Somehow, all five passengers not only survived the crash, but they have all been treated….

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