Shotgun Myths

Shotgun Bullsh!t: Debunking Scattergat Myths

Shotguns get a lot of hate, and honestly, it’s likely because of shotgun users. Many shotgun fans and aficionados exist, and they can be host to a lot of bad information and shotgun myths. The shotgun, in particular, is subject to a number of myths, lies, and disinformation. In short (and in keeping with this […]

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Home Defense Shotgun & Handgun 101

A long time ago a very wise old shooter and veteran told me something I will never forget. “Spike, all you need for home defense is 12:45. Just remember 12:45. A 12 gauge shotgun and a 45 caliber pistol.” Old Mike was his name and the man probably forgot more about shooting than I would ever hope […]

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