TacticalShit is Now on Itunes!

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After working for over a year we have finally did it. We have been working with apple to to start a channel on iTunes. iTunes had one tiny little stipulation though; In the title, descriptions, and channel name we cant say shit. Literally the word shit. You know Ship High In Transit. So you will find us under “TacticalSHT” The Tactical Shit Podcasts contain all of our Talk shit and Shots Fired discussions in which we cover the shit that matters most!

Talk shit

This monthly one hour program will be published on YouTube and will feature interviews with Gun and Military Industry Celebrities.  The show will evolve to be similar to the Tonight Show complete with skits, special segments, commercials and epic guests getting asked hard questions. So far Talk shit has featured guest such as Rudy Reyes aka Fruity Rudy from generation kill, Gun Industry wizard Clint walker, Jack mandaville, The list goes on!

Shots Fired

“Shots Fired” is a show where we discuss significant shootings in America as they happen, what happened, How it happened, why it happened and what is the aftermath especially for Law Enforcement and Gun Owners. We also discuss gun industry drama and current events with no filter or agenda. Show features host TJ Kirgin aka Sig Glockincolt and co-host Kris Dickson aka Fat Dark Earth (FDE) and sometimes things can get a little weird.

More information on the Podcasts can be found below! Once on the page just hit View in iTunes and once iTunes pops up hit the subscribe button to hear all of our latest podcast

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