TacticalShit Hangs Out with The Army E-sports Team!

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FDE aka Fat Dark Earth and Ron aka InsanePeon with Military & Veteran Gamer’s get a chance to hang out with the US ARMY E-Sports Team members while they streamed from the TacticalShit Gaming/Military & Veteran Gamers Booth https://www.facebook.com/USARMYESPORTS/ While the team is only open to just Active Duty and Reserve members you can Join their community on discord and follow the team.

The Esports team plays 9 primary games which csgo, league of legends, magic the gathering, etc. There are a plethora of different games their community can be a part of on their discord where you can play with their guys.

TacticalShit invaded twitch con and FDE was there to bring us this awesome experience. TacticalShit sponsored the Military & Veterans Gaming booth for the event, providing gear booth materials, giveaway items, nudes, and more!

We’re kidding about the nudes.

Eitherway we are going to be covering the amazing things we found during out time at the event from gear, streamers, and other awesome shit!

The Military & Veterans Gamers Group is the largest veteran-affiliated gamer community in the nation and is comprised of over 3000 members who have served in uniform, to include family members & friends. Though it should be noted that membership is open to anyone who proudly supports the United States and her allies. More importantly they are doing great things for active duty and veteran alike! They have an excellent support team of chaplains and a veteran peer support team available to those seeking help in their time of need. They also mentor those who are interested in serving even throughout their career.

In the past they have hosted several 24 Hour live-stream on their channel and were able to raise over $1000 per event to send care packages to those deployed downrange.

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