Suburban Warlord “Mark” MF’n McCloskey for MO Senate

According to Fox news

Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who grabbed national headlines last year for pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters with his wife, says he’s “maybe running for Senate” to fight President Biden’s “anti-American” agenda.

“I still have not officially announced yet. I’m still in the Lara Trump, Herschel Walker camp,” he said on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” Thursday.

They fundraised for then-President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign and spoke at last summer’s Republican National Convention. In February, they appeared as guests at a gun-rights rally at the Missouri state capitol.

McCloskey told Bartiromo Tuesday that when he was campaigning for Trump last fall, he saw the presidential election as the “last chance to save America.”

“We were campaigning in those days on ‘America First.’ Well, that America is gone,” he said.

Despite his worries about Joe Biden, McCloskey never expected “all these strong anti-American maneuvers would happen with a stroke of a pen” in the president’s first 100 days.

“The legislature is out there busily undermining our rights,” he added. “We used to talk about the erosion of our constitutional rights. Well, it’s no longer an erosion. They are sweeping away our rights every day.”

When it comes to a 2022 run for Missouri’s open Senate seat, it may come down to a sense of duty for McCloskey.

“If these big corporations, Big Tech, the swamp, mainstream media are all pushing the same poison, every human being in this country, every God-fearing American citizen has a personal duty to stand up against it and say, ‘No, we will not tolerate that,’” he said.