Shots Fired Ep.13: Good Guy With A Gun Stops Bad Guy With A Machine Gun!

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Sig Glockncolt and DynaDeath Milberg sit down to discuss a good guy with a gun that came to the aide of an injured police officer and stopped a bad guy with a Machine gun. In Illinois… In Chicago… One of the places with the strictest gun laws in america.  This scenario is literally causing snowflake heads to explode. Because you know the scenario that the liberal left is always screaming never happens just fucking happened in their gun-free fantasy land.

According to the Tribunist The shootout began shortly after 5 p.m. Duarte and his partner conducted what was meant to be a routine traffic stop. The driver of the car they were stopping didn’t comply, and pulled onto the on-ramp of Interstate 55.

This was rush hour in suburban Chicago, though, and the volume of traffic prevented a high-speed chase.

The police pinned the fleeing car in traffic, but the driver jumped from the car and began firing an automatic at the officers. He then fled on foot.

The officers fired back, but were outgunned. That’s when the armed citizen, witnessing the chaos, joined the fight. He stepped from the car and fired at the suspect.

“He got out and started helping the police, which is something I’ve got to be proud of,” Cicero town President Larry Dominick told reporters.

The suspect was struck…

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