Shots Fired 56 We Have A Radio Show!

It’s been a while, and WE HAVE BEEN BUSY! Not only getting awesome new content for yall, but also adding a WHOLE BUNCH of new stuff to our site, stuff like HKs, Glocks, Arex Def, Grand Power, Ammo, & MORE! Check that all out @ !

Our first ever real radio show!!!

Every Saturday at 11am.

You can listen to the show on the following channels in the their respective areas

KRTK 93.3 FM
K283CI 104.5FM
KMOV 104.3FM-In the STL area

KLPW 107.3 FM-In the Rolla area

100.7FM- in the East STL IL. area

You can also catch this on the AM channels 1010 & 920 AM in the MO / IL area

Or just tune in here or on our podcast channels to catch the upload (hopefully) every Monday!

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