Shooter finds out why you shouldnt ambush the Police! *VIDEO*

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Active shooters are starting to be less and less of a problem when you put a good LEO between them and innocent people.

The Tribunist writes

A shooting Friday night in a residential neighborhood escalated quickly. After responding to a 911 call about gunshots, police officers walked into a ambush. The shooter opened fire with a rifle, and then a shotgun. The incident stretched out until SWAT officers found an opportunity to eliminate the threat.

The incident occurred in Evansville, Indiana at 9:00 p.m. Friday night.

“I’m pretty sure our neighbor shot a gun, and he just took off running,” a woman told a 911 operator.

The officers who responded were looking for an armed assailant, a man later identified as 51-year-old Barry Freeman.

“What’s he got in his hand?” one officer asks as they approached Freeman.

“Let’s see your hands, brother,” the other officer told Freeman.

The footage shows…

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