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The Sheepdog’s Mindset


Right now, as you read this, there is a radical muslim jihadist training and planning to kill YOU.

It is apparently Open Season on Westerners and you are the prey.

There are many guides out there regarding how to survive an active shooter situation.

Most are preaching the Run – Hide – Fight; A plan which means run away, hide if you can
and fight ONLY if you must.

We believe this plan is flawed. It is selfish. It is un-American.

We have pulled together a collaboration of Navy Seals, Green Berets, Combat Vets, Law Enforcement and those who have faced terror attacks head on to create a definitive guide that will help you prepare:

  1. Mentally
  2. Physically
  3. Gear Wise

This guide will also give you real world solutions to allow you to disrupt or even thwart terrorist attacks on our soil.

Do not be a nation of sheep. Be a nation of elephants that will trample the predators and cause them to fail.

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