Shit Show 2021 with Sig Glockincolt and Mr. Shush from Witt Machine

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The HMFIC and Mr. Shush over at Witt Machine sit down….literally, to go over some of the things coming out from them in the next year!

Witt Machine is one of the leading manufacturers of Suppressors and Muzzle Devices in America.  They recently moved to Texas and increased the scale of their operations by adding production capacity and improving customer service.  Founder Ken is a former marine and employs the wiley Dr. Shush aka R.W. Higgins to run the freedom machines.

Witt Suppressors are unique in that they are “compact suppressors”  shorter and fatter than traditional brands (that’s what she said)  for a fraction of the price, yet they are just as durable and produce nearly the same db reduction as much more expensive cans.
Last year they released the SME (Sound Mitigation Equipment) which is a non NFA muzzle device that operates as a blast shield with the unique properties of reducing the db at the shooters ear substantially while NOT limiting the overall db of the gun in FRONT of the muzzle, thus is NOT a suppressor.  It does however look similarly cool, screws on just like one and the guys in the booths next to you at the range will want to buy you drinks afterwards rather than keying your pickup truck.

Visit Witt Machine here

Witt Machine currently has a sale going on as well!

Click here to visit their site!

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