See What We Got in OUR MAY 2017 TacPack!

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It’s THAT time of the month again, Check out What came in our TacPack!!!  Allso be sure when you sign up you grab one of those codes for some free first time COOL SHIT!

TSGRIP for the XTECH Tactical Adjustable AR-15 Grip

The May TacPack contains:

DOCSPARTAN TRIPLE THREAT (30.00) – You’ve seen this Veteran owned company on NBC’s Shark Tank and now you get to see them in your box with love from Dale himself (DocSpartan CEO)! Their  Combat Ready Ointment (CRO) is your go to all natural first aid ointment. Imagine carrying your own personal combat medic in your pocket and you get the idea. This stuff works  great on rips, cuts, scrapes, scars, burns, rashes, tattoos, and much more. Three different container sizes included for EDC, at home and one for the range bag.

HEXMAG BLASTER PACK (60.00) – The Threesome of a lifetime! We’ve been using the HexMag Grip ever since we got one of 5 prototypes in the 4th quarter of 2016. It’s quite amazing and the teamup between HexMag and ERGO is a winner. And, naturally (due to demand) we had to give you the TacPack essential HexMag. But, your boys at HexMag went one step further and threw in some free grip tape.

LIVEFIRE GEAR KIT (13.00) –  We set shit on fire all the time with our LiveFire Gear! When it comes to water-proof emergency fire starters, Live Fire is the best. The compact design of this kit is lightweight and won’t weigh down your kit. Each unit is approximately .9oz in weight and burn times average 20-30 minutes with the lid completely removed. As always (because of volume) LiveFire has included a coupon code for 40% off!

TacPack Safe Magnet (Priceless) – This month is a very special month. We wanted to help you decorate your gun safe in the spirit of this month. We think about our beloved brothers and sisters that made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this freedom-rich soil that we call the United States of America. The country that we build our lives and our families upon. This country where we raise our children to grow up and set good examples. Honor the ones who gave all. Honor the brave.

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