Rodman arrives in Singapore for Trump Kim Summit!

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Well lets see how this plays out!

Fox News Reports

Dennis Rodman arrived in Singapore’s airport early Tuesday morning to a flurry of cameras and reporters ahead of the historic summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. “The Worm” is a mutual friend of both world leaders and previously boasted to have “great” friendships with them.
The former basketball player was bombarded with questions upon his arrival at Changi Airport around midnight Tuesday, hours after Kim was spotted posing for a selfie during a night ahead of his meeting with Trump.
“I’m just happy to be a part of [the historic summit…I think I brought a lot of awareness to people around the world,” Rodman told reporters when asked if the meeting wouldn’t have happened without the former NBA star.

Rodman also tweeted: “Just arrived to Singapore for the Historical Summit! Looking forward to @POTUS having incredible success that the whole world will benefit by. Thank you @PotCoin for supporting my…

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