Range trip cut short when idiot points guns gun at buddy for selfie!

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As a responsible gun owner, from day one of your journey into the world of firearms you have it ingrained into your head to NEVER point a firearm at something you are not willing to kill or destroy. A video going viral shows two individuals going to the shooting range. One starts taking selfies and thats where it takes a turn for the worst. This dumb-ass could have easily smoke checked his buddy. Anyone who is familiar with firearms would have known that this is a huge NO GO! Luckily a range safety officer was paying attention!

According to the TRIBUNIST

Eden Rose, aka lilreddanger89, posted a video on Instagram that highlights just how stupid some humans can be. A couple of men went to an unidentified gun range. They seemed more interested in posing for selfies on their phone than they did with shooting, but some of their poses caught the attention of a rangemaster. He wasn’t pleased.

“I’ve had kicked people off ranges before for doing dumb shit but this is so incredibly blatant, irresponsible, and dangerous. If this is your idea of a “good time” do the rest of us a favor and stay away from firearms all together,” Rose posted on IG.

The footage is a bit grainy as it is being recorded off of a television monitor. But the pair are easy enough to see.

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Presumably the gun is rented. Many ranges will let customers shot rental guns as a test-drive, of sorts. Clearly this couple had no idea what they were doing. The man in blue points the gun at his own hand in an attempt to get a good photo.

He then holds it up to his chest like they used to do in the Civil War. While doing so, he is pointing the muzzle of the gun at the people in the lane next to him. For those of you who are new to gun range etiquette, pointing guns at other people is a rather serious faux pas.

But this couple is less concerned with safety and more concerned with the aesthetics of their new pastime. IS the gun loaded? That’s hard to tell at this point. The man’s finger is on the trigger like he’s ready to shoot.

He’s clearly not watching his muzzle. Instead…

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In case you forgot or you are new to the 2a community here are the FOUR biggest rules

1. Always assume a firearm to be loaded! 
2. Never point a firearm at anything unless you are willing to kill or destroy! 
3. Finger off the trigger until your ready to fire! 
4. Know your targets foreground and background!

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