Pregnant Florida Woman With AR15 Fights Off Burglars Who Attacked Her Husband And Daughter

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This is exactly why we have AR15s. The 2nd amendment guarantees our right to bear arms and self defense is just one of many reasons! Imagine how bad this could have been had they not been able to defend themselves from these thugs.

HAPPENING NOW: Detectives are investigating a home invasion that resulted in a homicide in Lithia off of Old Welcome Road.

Posted by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fox32 reports that a Florida woman who was eight-months pregnant and came out wielding an AR-15 rifle reportedly saved her husband and pre-teen daughter last week from a pair of violent intruders who’d broken into the family’s home — with the gun-toting matriarch fatally striking one of the men, who was later found dead in a nearby ditch.

Jeremy King was at his home in Lithia, 25 miles southeast of Tampa, at 9 p.m. Wednesday night when two armed men, wearing masks and hoods, broke inside.

“As soon as they had got the back door opened, they had a pistol on me and was grabbing my 11-year-old daughter,” King told Bay News 9. “I’m telling them, ‘I have nothing for you,’ and they’re like, ‘Give me everything you got.’ It became real violent, real fast.”

King said one of the burglars pistol-whipped him and another kicked him in the head, creating a commotion that attracted the attention of his wife, who walked into the room to see what the noise was — and soon found herself dodging a bullet.

The woman, who was not identified, reportedly retreated and grabbed an AR-15 that was legally inside their house, returning to the room and shooting the intruders, hitting one of them.

“When he came toward the back door in her line of sight, she clipped him,” King said of his wife. “He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing.”

The man was later found dead in the ditch…

According to the Dailymail King said he didn’t know the men and has know idea why their family was targeted.

He was left with a fractured eye socket, a fractured sinus cavity and a concussion from the attack.

King also had to have 20 stitches and three staples in his head to close up a wound.

‘Them guys came in with two normal pistols and my AR stopped it,” King said.

“[My wife] evened the playing field and kept them from killing me.’

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Just more proof that guns do save lives!

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