Police Department Under Fire After After Its “Assault Weapon Arrest” Post Goes Viral

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This is not an assault weapon. Repeat again with us. Assault is an action not an object, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. This is just a basic AR there is no feature on here that makes this AR15 any more lethal than any other modern sporting rifle…

Needless to say the post has gone viral with many weighing in on the issue mostly against the actions of Stockton PD.

But according to Stockton Here is what classified this BARE BONES AR15 as an “Assault Weapon”

Just let the stupid of California sink in for a second. Done? Ok. Here’s how all those parts or a combination there of make that AR15 even more deadly. Are you ready? We will even use pictures to make it really simple…

Now before some of our followers get on us or start posting things like, “OH EM GEE TS is bashing cops!!!” That’s not the case. But what we will say is that there are plenty of outstanding Law Enforcement Officers that will not violate your constitutionally protected rights even if it is state law as seen with the various Sheriffs around the country or this gentleman below

The only thing that made it illegal was the fact it was in California… The only crime really committed here are the horrible blue and red controls but thats for another discussion.

What do you think? Did they violate their oath and step on this individuals constitutional rights? Did they go to far? Let us know in the comments!





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