After what they did to the police this coffee shop is asking to be robbed!

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Who are they going to call if someone decides to rob them or worse!

The Tribunist writes

Most businesses that serve the public welcome all members of the public. Many appreciate having police officers as customers, as their presence is an active deterrent to miscreants and malcontents. Not this coffee house, though. They’ve decided that police don’t make them feel good, so they’re refusing them service.

Hasta Muerte, in Oakland, California, is, The Daily Mail writes, “standing up to police brutality by refusing to serve officers.”

Last November, they turned away a sergeant. The employees refused to serve him. When he posted about his experience, the coffee shop took to social media to defend their actions.

“Cop supporters are trying to publicly shame us online with low reviews because this particular police visitor was Latino.

He broadcasted to his network that he was ‘refused service’ at a local business and now the rumblings are spreading,” the Instagram post read.

“We know in our experience working on…

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