Place your bets! What will happen if you slap a police horse? *VIDEO*

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If you strike a police officer you will face charges, If you strike a working dog you will also face charges and if you decide to strike a officers horse well, being familiar with an animal that gets scared by its own farts, its no surprise what would happen next…. and you could also possibly face charges for doing so.

Three percenter Nation writes

Everyone enjoys a good prank, especially if it means they can enjoy a moment of entertainment at someone else’s expense. When it involves animal abuse or cruelty, there is nothing humorous about it and should the animal lash out in defense, the abuser deserves whatever pain the animal can unleash. If that isn’t enough of a deterrent, in 2014 the FBI classified animal cruelty as a top-tier felony.

Take this woman for example. Why she chose to run up and slap a police horse is…

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