Pedo Priest shot dead by hired hitmen.

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Far too often child predators are given a slap on the wrist with short sentences or often sentences are commuted as long as they go into a rehab program. This needs to change. One Father in Italy ensured that this predator would never harm a child again after his daughter commited suicide.

The Tribunist writes Revelations about child abuse allegations in the Catholic Church have come in waves. For decades now, The Vatican has tried to assure the faithful that the problem has been rooted out, and that the guilty have been dealt with. Then a new wave breaks and the inefficacy of the Church’s discipline becomes transparent.
One parent wasn’t satisfied with the justice that rarely seems to follow instances of abuse. He found a much more solution. Now police are investigating him and have accused him of hiring a hitman to kill a priest that was accused of abusing the man’s daughters.

The priest, Giuseppe Matarazzo (below), was sent to prison for his crimes. He spent 11 years and six months behind bars after he was convicted of sexually abusing two sisters during his tenure as a pastor in Benevento, Italy.
One of those girls, according to local media reports, committed suicide in 2008. She was just 15 at the time.

When the priest was released, the authorities allege, the father was waiting.

“The 45-year-old was released from prison last year, but was killed in Frasso Telesino – a village in the province of Benevento – just weeks later. His body was found in July with five gunshot wounds, two of which were fatal,” Unilad writes.

The hit seems almost cliche for fans of Italian-American mob stories. The priest was killed “on commission,” chief prosecutor…

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