Oregon Gun Lock Down Law Hearing Scheduled

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As expected, the Democrats in Salem are wasting no time trying to ram through their anti-gun agenda.

HB 4005, mandatory gun lock-ups, is now scheduled for Feb 7th at 1 pm in Hearing Room E at the State Capitol by the House Judiciary Committee.

This bill not only forces you to lock up your self-defense firearms, it punishes you even if you DO lock up firearms. While it penalizes gun owners if their firearms are stolen, it does nothing to penalize gun thieves.

The bill makes you strictly liable for the misuse of guns that were stolen from you!
It requires that you use dangerous and easily defeated “trigger” or “cable” locks that violate every rule of gun safety but mandates that you be prosecuted if you use them and a thief can defeat them, which of course any thief can.

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