DONT TAZE ME BRO! Officer Uses Taser to Wake Sleeping Student *VIDEO*

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We’ve all been there, in the class room, when one of the students dozes off and the teacher slams a book on the floor or on the desk of the student to shock them back into reality. School isn’t for sleeping unless you want to live in a van down be the river. Then by all means. While the officer may have thought it was a harmless joke many think officer took it too far!

The Tribunist writes

Semi-public humiliation has always been a tactic employed by vindictive teachers and professors who wish to wake sleeping students. Now there’s a new tool being used against those who snooze through class: a taser. While the nefarious method is effective, it may have cost one school resource officer her job.

The incident happened at the Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville, Ohio on August 30th. “The Smithville Police Department said Officer Maryssa Boskoski, 32, was called to a classroom at  on Aug. 30 to help wake a sleeping student,” Fox writes. “A teacher and the interim principal failed to stir the male student, who is a junior at the school.”

Officer Boskoski then went for something a bit more persuasive. She pulled the cartridge from her taser and pulled the trigger, which causes the device to arc. No barbs were deployed, and she didn’t hit the student with the arcing taser.

The distinctive sound may have been enough to wake the student. It may have been the noise from the other students in the class reacting to the sight and sound of the taser. Either way, the student woke up.

To be clear, the student was not tased.

The interim principal of the school, Jenna Parnell, wasn’t pleased. “I was a little surprised by it. Our interest is in the safety of our students so hearing that go off was a little alarming,” Parnell told reporters.

No one was injured in the incident. No one was tased. And the tactic woke the sleeping teen…

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