Off Duty Deputy Tells Teen, “I will shoot you in the F***ing Face”

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A Deputy is on administrative leave and under investigation after telling a teen, “Ill shoot you in the fucking face” while off duty during a confrontation at a skatepark. The deputy pulled his gun after the teen raised his skateboard. The teen had no idea the man was an officer at the time.

KCAL reports that the unidentified officer, an Orange County sheriff’s deputy, was at a San Clemente skate park on Oct. 12 when he purportedly approached a group of teenagers over music they were playing together as a band. The skaters said they stopped playing music when he asked them to, but the confrontation soon escalated.

“I was right next to the kid that he pulled the gun on,” Sage McClung, a witness to the incident, told the station.

In a cellphone video, the officer, who is seen wearing a cap, hoodie and shorts, approaches one of the skaters with his handgun pulled out. The teenager immediately drops his skateboard, raises his hands and peddles backward.

Koa McClung, who KCAL…

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What are your thoughts? Was the unidentified officer wrong?

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