“Nobody Says You Can Have A Magazine With 100 Clips In It” -Biden.

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…Wanna see the stupidest thing youll see all week. Here you go. Democrats are pushing for laws for something they know NOTHING about and I’m sure in the comments some gun grabber will say “We dont need to know anything about them to insert bullshit reason here”

Of course earlier this year he made the same statement.

Then theres this little gem from 2013 in which he suggested firing your shotgun into the air.

Clearly, Joe has no clue what he is talking about and anything gun related should be written off as bad advice. Do not fire your firearms haphazardly into the air. The only time your finger should be pulling that trigger is when you are defending you or yours from serious bodily injury or harm. This advice CLEARLY breaks one of the cardinal rules of gun safety. “Know your target and what is behind it.”

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