Still No Leads Soldier Tied Up and Executed Months After Returning From Deployment

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Update: This is entirely fucked. Spread this shit and get the word out. The killer needs to be brought to justice! The investigation still hasnt turned up any leads.

CBS 8 reports Bishop was found dead inside his Lenoir City home on October 1. On October 14, a spokesperson for LCSO said, “Detectives continue to follow numerous leads and interview people daily who knew the victim in hopes that any information gained will take this investigation one step closer to closure for the victim’s family.”

Bishop, a member of the Tennessee National Guard, was found dead inside his Shaw Ferry Road home by his mother on the morning of Tuesday, October 1, according to officials with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office added Bishop was “physically bound and shot multiple times.”

“He’s a pretty dependable guy, very hard working guy. He’s proved himself to us. That’s why we put him in that role as a leader,” said Derek Yates, who served with Bishop in the Tennessee National Guard.

Investigators announced they were looking for a ‘white SUV’ that was seen in the neighborhood where Bishop was found dead.

“In regards to the SUV that is a vehicle of interest, we can now say that we are confident we are looking for a white, late model, GMC Yukon or a Chevrolet Tahoe”, said Sheriff Guider. The SUV is thought to be somewhere between a 2015 and 2019.

“Our team continues to work around the clock and follow every lead we are given. We are interviewing several people who were familiar with the victim (Jacob D. Bishop) in hopes that they may provide any information that will bring us one step closer to finding out what happened in the early morning hours of October 1”, said Sheriff Guider.

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