NH Senate Passes Red Flag Measure Over Emotional Appeal

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According to Firearm Chronicles 

Red flag laws are often framed as simply stepping in and temporarily taking guns away from dangerous people. However, that’s the wrong way to frame them. Instead, they’re laws that infringe on the individual liberties of ordinary Americans who haven’t done anything wrong, simply because someone thinks they might.

Now, in New Hampshire, their new red flag law is one step closer to passage after a lawmaker who lacked facts went with emotion instead.

“I’ve seen things like that before,” Morgan said. “It’s different when it’s family; it’s something you can’t un-see.”

That’s awful, to be sure, but taking away Uncle Bob’s gun wouldn’t have necessarily kept him safe. Guns aren’t the only way to commit suicide, after all.

Proponents of these measures often argue that guns are the most effective, meaning that fewer people actually survive the attempt than with other means of suicide. That’s probably true.

That doesn’t mean other methods are ineffective, though. After all, those methods of suicide claim plenty of lives as well

It’s beyond stupid to focus on the tools of suicide and not the root cause. Suicide is a mental health issue, not a gun issue, and should be treated as such.

Further, red flag laws have other problems as well.


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