NH Congressional Candidate Sticks By His Guns In New Campaign Ad

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According to Firearm Chronicles

In the new ad Mayberry spends a little time at the private range of Macpherson Firearms owner Vinny Gillis, sending brass flying as he shoots rifles and pistols while talking about the endorsements that incumbent Democrat Chris Pappas is already receiving from gun control groups like Brady and Moms Demand Action.

Pappas’ campaign website is chock full of support for all kinds of gun control measures, from red flag laws to banning commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms like the AR-15. Mayberry, on the other hand, says that as an Air Force veteran and gun show promoter, he knows “how important guns are to the men and women of New Hampshire,” adding that “law-abiding gun owners are the backbone of our society.”

Before Mayberry can take on Pappas, however, he’ll have to win the Republican primary scheduled for September 8th. Challenger Matt Mowers has the endorsement of President Donald Trump, but Mayberry calls Mowers a “30-year-old recent New Jersey transplant who has spent most of his adult life working for Chris Christie – one of the most prominent Republican advocates for gun-control in the country.”

The Republican-leaning district is seen as an opportunity to flip a seat in November, with both Mayberry and Mowers blasting Rep. Pappas for his lockstep support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s agenda. In 2018 Pappas won election with 53% of the vote running against Eddie Edwards (no relation), a former police chief and member of the state’s Division of Liquor Enforcement. That narrow victory in a blue wave election may be difficult to replicate in 2020, and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has said the seat is perhaps the most flippable in the nation this November.

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