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Mugshots of the Month: January 2020

Check out what we found on investigation discover!  Here Are Some of Our Favorites!

Crimefeed Writes


Who: Donald Murray

Where: Terre Haute, Indiana

What allegedly happened: Fled from police after an officer stopped him for driving without his lights on. Authorities say the 38-year-old then crashed into a tree and escaped on foot. A viewer watching the chase live on TV tipped off police to the alleged suspect’s identity. Crime, as we know, does not pay.

Read more: Fox News

[Mugshot courtesy of Vigo County Sheriff’s Office]


Who: Emmanuel Lamont Reggin Jr.

Where: Miami Dade Country, Florida

What allegedly happened: Stole packages while working as a seasonal UPS worker. Authorities claim the parcels contained e-readers, a PlayStation 4 console and other electronics worth more than $2,500. He’s facing a charge of third-degree grand theft, a felony.

Read More: CBS47/FOX30

[Mugshot courtesy of Miami-Dade DCR]


Who: Paul Stephen Otto

Where: Riverside County, California

What allegedly happened: Illegally entered his former landlord’s residence, choked and assaulted the 83-year-old man. He then led police on a high-speed chase, which ended when he crashed his car, authorities said.

Read more: CrimeFeed

[Mugshot courtesy of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department]


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