Multiple Arrested After A Gun Was Pointed At Bullying Victim!

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Alexander Schrader has been arrested after he was seen in a video in which a gun was pointed at a childs head.

Alexander Schrader Independence Police Department

Fox4 KC reports that a Independence mother is furious after kids were caught on video bullying and holding a gun to to her son’s head.

Independence police have a 17-year-old and two minors in custody after a video showing someone pointing a gun at a 13-year-old circulated on social media.

The 17-year-old turn himself into police Tuesday. Detectives are questioning him and the others about the video.

The boy held at gunpoint was a 13-year-old boy in the seventh grade. His mother, Emily Bridges, said he’s on the autism spectrum.

Bridges didn’t know why her son Derrin came home with bruises on his face Saturday. She didn’t get answers until her younger son showed her a video.

“I was hurt,” Bridges said. “I was angry. I was crying. I was mad. I was upset because he didn’t defend himself.”

The video shows Derrin kneeling. Other kids are yelling at him…

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