Motorists engulfed in flames after Tanker truck over turns! *Video*

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Almost willing to bet the idiot in the blue car flicked a cigarette…

Daily Mail writes

A Chinese highway transformed into a raging inferno after an overturned tanker coated the road in liquid natural gas, creating a potential deathtrap for unsuspecting motorists.

Two people were seriously burned and another six sustained light injuries, according to local media reports.

A blue sedan can be seen in the video bursting into flames just moments after the driver pulled onto the shoulder behind the tanker truck.

Gas spill sparks highway inferno on a Chinese highway

A blue car can be seen engulfed in flames while a white car on the right is dangerously close

As he pulls over, the entire length of road turns into a sea of flame, engulfing another car and incinerating trees and bushes edging the road.

He then dashes out of the car in a desperate bid to escape.

The car doors open on the white sedan near the flames, and the passenger is seen running from the car as fast as possible.

The car door opens on the white sedan and a person jumps out of the car and starts running

 The dramatic footage was taken Sunday along a motorway in Hebei province, bordering Beijing.

The car filming the scene quickly reversed, trying to escape the surging flames.

Passengers in the filming car, including children, are heard screaming.

The flames get larger, and the white car looks extremely close to the flames 

 The rig’s drivers escaped injury.

 The Beijing-Harbin Expressway, where the incident occurred, is a major thoroughfare for trucks carrying coal, LNG and other commodities, as well as motorists.

The scene occurred ahead of the beginning of Chinese New Year this week, when the country’s roads are packed with people heading home to visit their families in what is often described as the world’s largest human migration…

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