Missouri Firing Range Offers Carjacking Survival Classes!

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Train. Train. Train. and Train some more. As responsible gun owners it is imperative that you seek additional training and knowledge to not only hone your skills but to determine when the use of deadly force is acceptable. In larger urban areas such as St. Louis and Chicago getting robbed or carjacked is a very real reality for many. Knowing how to handle the situation can mean the difference between life and death. Ultimate Defense based out of St. Peters, Missouri has a put together a training course on what to do should you fall victim to a car jacking attempt!

FOX2 News writes a new FBI study says a person is more likely to be carjacked in St. Louis than any other city in the country. Instructors at Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center in St. Peters are offering a new class they hope will make people feel safe, comfortable and confident if they ever need to defend themselves.

The class is called “How to Survive a Carjacking.” Paul Bastean, Managing Director at Ultimate Defense, said the class was created when clients started asking questions like “What is the best way of surviving it? Do we give up the car? Do we not give up the car? Do we try to fight it out?”

According to Bastean, the goal is not to teach people how to shoot, rather it is to teach people how to get out of the situation safely.

Ultimate Defense instructors are all NRA certified firearms instructors, use of force experts, and many, including Bastean, have law enforcement training.

The three-hour class includes classroom instruction where instructors discuss priority of life and when it is legal to use deadly force. Missouri law says use of force can be used to protect yourself or someone else from death, serious physical injury, rape, sodomy or kidnapping, according to Bastean.

Next, the class gets to run through role-play scenarios. Other instructors act as potential carjackers, and the students have an opportunity to experience what is like to navigate the scenario verbally and physically.

Bastean said even steps as simple as drawing the gun, taking off the seat belt, and opening the car door can be difficult when the adrenaline is high.

Students and instructors are equipped with training guns with simunition rounds. When a round makes contact, it…

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Though nothing has been posted to their website this was posted to their facebook page.

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