Match Grade defensive and hunting ammo from Fort Scott! (Shot Show 2019)

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DynaDeath and RedWhiteandBen visit Fort Scott Ammunition. From what we saw Fort Scott’s ammo is quality shit. All of their rounds are made out of solid copper and spun on a CNC machine. Fort Scott Ammunition states they have the tightest tolerances in the gun industry which leads to very accurate and precise round. The Devastating effect of the ammo is due to how its designed to tumble upon impact leaving a massive wound cavity. This creates a match grade round perfect for defense or hunting! Their Ammunition is doing half inch groups out of a century arms AK which is impressive considering one of our guys did some testing of various rounds and could only manage 1.5″ groups out of an arsenal AK with Hornady ammo.

Fort Scott 5.56 62gr TUI Copper 20rd

Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM ) 62 grain 5.56 SCS (TUI) rifle ammo is a match grade, solid copper projectile that is uniquely designed to Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) and provide critical terminal effects in any situation. Designed with military grade hard primers. Our #1 priority is for the safety of our customers. Slam fire is a slim-chance but we have experienced this in our testing.

Hunting with Confidence While hunting, it is always important to find ammunition that won’t limit your potential. You may only fire off a few rounds per season but every shot has to be precise. The 62 grain 5.56 SCS (TUI) rifle ammunition is made from high quality projectiles, casings, powder and primers to give you dependable and consistent performance you can count on. This round of ammo is designed to maximize soft tissue trauma and to quickly stop your prey. The Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) design delivers a fast, humane kill that is ideally used for varmint control and hunting small to medium game. This uniquely developed, patented spitzer shape delivers superb precision in each round. Solid Copper, Ethical Ammo Because of its solid copper spun construction, you can use these bullets wherever lead projectiles are prohibited for sport shooting. You can target varmints and game that ranges from wood chucks to coyotes and hogs with self-assurance because of the strong terminal performance of the 5.56 SCS (TUI). These bullets provide a ballistic advantage that ensures you get the most from every hunting expedition. This makes for the perfect choice of ammo for smaller hunters and shooters. Self-Defense and Law Enforcement In addition to hunting, the 5.56 SCS (TUI) is also a great self-defense round. If you own a rifle such as an AR-15, this ammunition is an ideal choice. In any vital situation, you can’t afford to think twice. The 5.56 SCS (TUI) is also perfect for law enforcement to use. Its patented design to Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI), ensures maximum tissue damage from a single round.

Fort Scott 5.56 62gr TUI Brass 20rd

Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM ) 62 grain 5.56 SCS (TUI) rifle ammo is a match grade, solid copper projectile that is uniquely designed to Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) and provide critical terminal effects in any situation. Designed with military grade hard primers. Our #1 priority is for the safety of our customers. Slam fire is a slim-chance but we have experienced this in our testing.

Fort Scott 300blk 115gr TUI AAC Blackout 20rd

Fort Scott Munitions™ 300 AAC BLK TUI™ rifle ammo is a match grade, solid copper spun bullet, uniquely engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ upon entry into soft tissue creating extensive damage. Although they were designed primarily as precision ammo for hunting rifles, TUI™ bullets are also highly capable and reliable for use in law enforcement and self-defense.

The Ultimate in Hunting Ammunition
A successful hunting season often comes down to a single shot. Our precision machined solid copper bullets boast some of the tightest tolerances in the industry, and each match-grade projectile is engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ upon entry into soft tissue. The energy released from the tumbling action is enough to tear vital organs and disrupt major bodily rhythms, while mitigating the risks of over-penetration, ensuring a quick, ethical kill.

Lead-Free and Lethal
Enjoy the freedom to hunt anywhere with these lead free, monolithic copper projectiles!

Incredibly Effective in Defense and Enforcement
In addition to field use, the 300 AAC BLK TUI™ represents a smart choice for self-defense purposes. If you prefer a rifle for your personal/home defense, this hard-hitting ammunition is definitely for you. Perfect for law enforcement as well, the 300 AAC BLK TUI™, will stop targets with surety to save innocent lives.

Fort Scott 300blk 190gr Subsonic TUI AAC Blackout 20rd

Quiet as the Grave
With the use of a suppressor, your firearm will see dramatically reduce noise and recoil. Our Sub-Munitions will cycle with or without a suppressor, and we have found our 300 BLK TUI™ Sub-Munitions to be one of the quietest rounds on the market with the use of a suppressor. Fort Scott Munitions™ is also class 3 dealer and can take care of all your suppressor needs.Precise Performance
Due to rigorous testing and extreme attention to detail, our precision machined solid copper 300 BLK TUI™ Sub-Munitions boasts some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. Coupled with our multi-patented Tumble Upon Impact™ design, you’re getting some of the most lethal match grade ammunition on the market.Home Defense
Our multi-patented Tumble Upon Impact™ technology pairs perfectly with the shorter ranges of the sub-sonic 300 BLK. Upon entry into soft tissue, the nose of the bullet begins to tip setting the tumbling motion into action. The energy released due to the hydro-static shock of the tumble is enough to tear organs and disrupt major bodily functions while also mitigating the risks of over-penetration due to the high degree of energy transfer.

Fort Scott 7.62×39 117gr TUI SCS

Sub-MOA, Match Grade Performance
Fort Scott Munitions 7.62×39 combines precision with the reliability of the AK platform. Capable of sub-MOA groups at 100 yards, our match grade solid copper 7.62×39 TUI™ projectiles are all precision machined and loaded with the utmost care to bring you some of the tightest tolerances in the industry when it comes to factory loads. Each round is also engineered with our multi-patented Tumble Upon Impact™ technology, giving you one of the most lethal match grade hunting rounds on the market.Solid Copper – Ethical and Effective
Enjoy the freedom to hunt anywhere! These solid copper spun bullets can be used where lead ammo is prohibited. Pursue game ranging from hogs to deer and black bear with confidence, courtesy of the unfailing terminal effectiveness of the 7.62×39 TUI™. This match grade ammunition has what it takes to get results with every squeeze of the trigger, even at great distances.Decisive Performance in Offense and Defense
Not restricted to hunting, the 7.62×39 TUI™ is a great ammunition choice for defense and security. This popular round used by law enforcement offers pinpoint with devastating terminal performance. With the Tumble Upon Impact™ design, this ammo is effective in any situation.

See Ballistic Brilliance in Action
Witness the ballistic superiority of our Tumble Upon Impact™ technology for yourself. Take a look at our 7.62×39 TUI™ ballistic gel test video. Our R&D team works tirelessly to bring you ammunition that transcends traditional designs. As a result, you can be sure that 7.62×39 TUI™ won’t fail you when performance matters most.

Fort Scott 45acp 180gr TUI Thin Blue Line Edition Tin

Add to your collection of limited edition ammo tins with our new Blue Line Bears tin collection. Blue Line Bears is a non-profit organization who helps the families of fallen police officers and first responders by sewing teddy bears out of the fallen officers uniforms.

For every Blue Line Bears tin we sell we will be donating $1.00 to Blue Line Bears to support them.

Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM®) ammo is match grade handgun ammunition that is designed to be extremely accurate and engineered to create a dynamic wound cavity.

Show-Stopping Performance
Accurate placement should not present a problem with this precision ammo. Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM®) ammo provides impressive ballistic performance to ensure that your aim will be as true in a critical situation as it is on the range. When you need small caliber home defense ammunition you can trust your life to, Fort Scott Munitions ®ammo is a no-compromise solution, with stopping capabilities that even leading hollow point brands can not match.

Hard-Hitting Home Defense
Fort Scott Munitions® ammunition delivers piece of mind in any scenario. Shot placement is key when lives depend on your ability to bring down a determined assailant. This ammunition will greatly aid you when you need to act fast and group your shots to target vital organs. When Fort Scott Munitions® ammo strikes your target, it will penetrate deeply, thanks to great weight retention. The Tumble Upon Impact™ action ensures more soft tissue trauma and cavitation than you would think possible from a projectile.

Fort Scott Munitions® ammunition is constructed of 100% solid copper using the finest components. In situations where lives are on the line, you can draw your weapon with complete confidence knowing your ammo will not compromise your skills. This is the match grade ammo you need when consistent performance is essential.

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Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Alaska, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.





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