Massive Firefight Disrupts Reunion*Graphic*

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In a viral video released on youtube a massive gun fight broke out during a reunion in Montgomery Alabama only one person was seriously injured during the incident with one suspect in custody. As the cameraman records you can here rounds impacting nearby.

WSFA12 reprots that Alabama’s State Bureau of Investigation is taking over the investigation into a weekend shooting near Montgomery’s Highland Village Apartments.

Multiple videos of the shoot-out spread on social media over the weekend. In the videos, people are screaming and running as dozens of shots are fired.

On one video, you can see a police officer on foot attempting to run down a van that was trying to speed away. Bystanders were scrambling to take cover as others were rendering aid to one person who was shot.

The shooting happened Saturday night in the 1000 block of Day Street Road in west Montgomery during a party, according to the Montgomery Police Department. One man was injured and another was arrested.

Montgomery police confirmed Monday that a MPD officer fired a weapon during the exchange of gunfire.

According to AlabamaNews Montgomery Police confirm an officer discharged his weapon during exchange of gunfire.  Early investigation shows the officer’s gunfire did not cause any injury or property damage. SBI asked to investigate incident, which is standard protocol.

Montgomery police have arrested a man in connection to a Saturday night shooting.

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