Marine Raider Gym Raided and Harassed By Police

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According to Nick Koumalatsos
Former Marine Nick Koumalatos had his business raided and was harassed by police officers because he opened his gym.
Nick says ” I say raided but the way they entered the premises and the way the engaged with the citizens for this town. They came in hot they blocked off the parking lot. They were able to enter free of movement immediately starting yelling at people saying if they did not leave the facility they will be ticketed while standing 1 foot away from them”.
The Chief of Police shows up at Nicks house while the captain returns back to gym looking for Nick. He then went to a other business that happened to be Nicks business partner and told his employee to go find Nick. Nicks business partner told his employee “You don’t work for him he can go find him” after this the officer calls the owner a “asshole” and gives him the bird while he drives off.
Nick had a discussion with the Chief and was under a agreement to re-open on May 8th if they followed the CDCs guidelines. At 8:40pm Nick got a call from the town manager asking if he had opened his gym Nick responded with this is not a appropriate time and for her to call him back on Monday. When the email was sent out to the customers about the guidelines a member sent it to the town manager making that Nicks first warning.
On May 18th during some private military and law enforcement training the captain showed up to the gym. He said ” I know the chief said you could be open but you can’t you need to close your gym now”.
Nick called the chief only to find out that the chief had been put on temporary relief of duty.
Now the captain that harassing citizens was the active chief. The captain came to the gym with the town manager and a detective. They entered the gym with a key card from 2010 that wasn’t deactivated. The captain had entered the building with no warrant, No permission not a thing. They continued to yell at customers telling them they had 5 minutes to exit the building before they are cited.
The captain was taking photos of everyones face and license plate to intimidate the citizens and threaten them with citations for a law that does not even exist.
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