Marine Lieutenants that cheated on their land nav course learn their fate!

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There is finally an explanation for the long running joke that the LT is lost and now we know why. It seems that a few LT’s have found themselves facing discharge after cheating on a land nav course.

According the Marine Times

The old military stereotype that lieutenants are inept at land navigation has circulated for ages.

But a recent incident at The Basic School — a course for newly commissioned officers aboard Quantico, Virginia — may be giving it added credence.

Six officers are now facing expulsion from the Corps following allegations of cheating during the land navigation portion of training at The Basic School, or TBS.

Marine Corps Training and Education Command, or TECOM, described the incident as “misconduct” in an emailed statement to Marine Corps Times.

“The six officers are being processed for administrative separation,” TECOM said.

The Corps would not provide any further information.

It’s not the…

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At least their fate wasn’t as bad as what happened to this LT!

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