Man who pointed shotgun at cops gets an explosive reality check!

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It amazes us how many people think they are going to get away scott free with pointing a loaded firearm at law enforcement officers. It makes you wonder what is going through their heads, Do they really think they are going to win?

UpNorth Live writes

Deputies were called to a home to investigate a report of a felon in possession of a gun on June 3 around 6:30 p.m. The report indicated there were children in the home.

Two deputies arrived at the home and were confronted with James Avery Blevins, 39, holding a long gun. When Blevins leveled the gun at the deputies, one of the deputies fired his duty weapon. The bullet fired from the deputy’s gun hit Blevins in his hand.

Blevins was arrested and taken to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital for treatment of his injury.

After a review by the…

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According to WLUC  Blevins was sentenced to 30 months to 60 months in prison for the charges. His sentence started immediately at Marquette Branch Prison.

“We are happy that this matter is now concluded,” said Mackinac County Sheriff Scott A. Strait. “Deputies train for this regularly and hope that they never are put in this situation. This could have ended very differently, this individual who chose to point a loaded shotgun at a deputy sheriff is very fortunate to be here and the quick reaction by the deputy clearly saved his own life.”

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