Man Outside Kyle Rittenhouse Trial With AR-15 Confirms He Is a Fired Ferguson Officer

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According to Chicago Tribune

A man who screamed obscenities about Black Lives Matters and carried an AR-15 rifle outside the Kenosha County Courthouse while the Kyle Rittenhouse jury deliberated is a former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer, he confirmed Thursday.

Records show the man — who initially identified himself as “Maserati Mike” — is Jesse Kline, who had been a member of the Ferguson Police Department for three years. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kline was fired from the Ferguson Police Department in 2018 after being charged with stalking a woman and threatening her male companion by poking his chest with a handgun.

The criminal charges were later dropped because the couple refused to testify, the newspaper reported.

Kline confirmed he used to be with the Police Department.

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