Man gives ammo he shot himself with 5 stars!*VIDEO*

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Theres alot of ammunition companies that make specialized defensive rounds that function in various and unique ways. Once such company G2 Research produces the Radically Invasive Penetration Round or R.I.P. round for short. The round features expanding trocars that break off upon impact causing extensive damage and wound cavities to assist in stopping the threat. You would think being shot by such a round would be lethal but one man lived to tell the tale after he accidentally shot himself with this…

Photo Credit: G2 Research FaceBook

…and after shooting himself he was so impressed by the product he decided to leave a positive review of the product.

We do not know where this happened or who the actual victim was as the review was shared by an outside source on Facebook but it certainly highlights the importance of firearm safety. Carry in a holster and keep your booger hook off the bangswitch until you are ready to fire this man is lucky this negligent discharge didnt kill him.

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