Man gets into gunfight with 3 masked teens!

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A homeowner in Georgia defended his home against and attempted home invasion with three armed criminals. The three were killed after exchanging gunfire with the homeowner.

Fox5 reports that the three victims, one 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds, were all from the area but did not live in the specific neighborhood they were in, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said.

The teens approached three residents at the front yard of a home early Monday morning and attempted to rob them, authorities say. One of the would-be robbers took out a gun and fired shots at them, before one of the residents returned fire.

“The victims of the attempted robbery were all uninjured, but the three attempted robbery suspects were all shot during the exchange of gunfire and succumbed to their injuries, one on scene and two at a local hospital after being transported,”

A neighbor heard the gunfire and ran out to help according to WSBTV “It was five shots and then it sounded like a handgun. Then I heard somebody have an assault rifle. And it was a slew of shots that came out,” neighbor Carlos Watson said.

Deputies say they still don’t know who owned the two guns they found.

Investigators say three people were at the home, including a woman, when the shooting happened.

Neighbors say the home owner’s a truck driver who owns a semi-automatic rifle and is highly protective of his mother.


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