Man Arrested By Federal Agents For Selling 3D Printed Drop In Auto Sears That Look Like “Wall Hooks”

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According to Atlas.News

A #WestVirginia man was arrested by federal agents last week after they discovered that his “wall hook” company was actually selling 3D printed drop-in auto sears that can allow semi-automatic rifles to fire automatically. Timothy Watson, owner of, was charged with conspiracy against the U.S. government and selling machine gun conversion devices.

U.S. Attorney Bill Powell said that “The suspect in this case appears to have supplied hundreds of people with these conversion devices, some to people who want to do Americans harm.” Investigators say Watson sold one of the devices to Steven Carrillo, who has been accused of fatally shooting a Federal Protection officer and a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputy over the summer. Investigators also say he sold the devices to two Minnesota men who have been charged with building rifles that they intended on selling to Hamas.

Authorities were initially tipped off because of “Boogaloo” related comments and jokes on the company’s Instagram page. A statement by the FBI said “As detailed below, the FBI’s investigation, assisted by the ATF and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, has revealed that Timothy John WATSON, hereinafter “WATSON,” a resident of Ranson, West Virginia, is the registrant of the website named “” Since at least in or about March 2020, the online retailer, “,” purports to sell 3D printed innocuous hooks, made with two pieces, however, when disassembled, one of the pieces functions as an illegal drop in auto sear which has been confirmed by ATF to convert a semi automatic AR-iS into a fully-automatic machine gun.” Watson faces 35 years in prison and several hundred thousand dollars in fines. He has pleaded not guilty.

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