Major Highway Shutdown by Rolling Gun Battle in St. Louis

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Yesterday, Highway 44 was shut down by police due to an “ongoing gun battle rolling down the highway.” Apparently, there was LITERALLY a running gun battle that was discovered by an off-duty officer who noticed several shots being exchanged between two vehicles while they were moving. Officers later found spent shell casings, magazine cartridges, and guns littered all over the highway.

Later, they found two dead from gunshot wounds in the Soulard area. The dead men have yet to be identified. Police also found a white Dodge Charger full of bullet holes and splattered all over with blood. The 2 discovered dead were in the Charger, but apparently the driver of the vehicle managed to get away on foot.

As of right now, police are still searching for both the driver and the second car, which has been described as a black, 4-door sedan with tinted windows.

This is why we constantly encourage Sheepdogs to carry heavy firepower secured in their vehicles should such an event arise. This happened YESTERDAY RIGHT HERE! You NEVER know when you are going to be caught in the middle of a situation, or in this case a gunfight, that you did not elect to be a part of. What would YOU have done if you were rolling down Highway 44 that day?

Make fun of preparation and gun ownership all you want. Once you are dead, politics, opinions, and feelings don’t matter anymore.

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