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Hard to believe we are already a quarter of the way through the year. But, at Tacpack they are just getting started! This months pack is perfect to get you ready for outdoor range season (and these gloves from Mechanix will be sure to turn some heads!) Gear, Gear, and more Gear! Its all here!

MECHANIX M-PACT GLOVES (OD GREEN) $35.00 Introducing your new favorite pair of Gloves. Make an impact in the field and safegaurd your hands with anatomically designed thermoplastic rubber impact protection! Take control with .8mm synthetic leather that is touchscreen compatible. These bad boys also feature d30 palm padding to dissipate high impact energy and reduce hand fatigue when you’re fully engaged.

GUNTEC RECEIVER WEDGIES PACK $120.00 Definitely one of those items that you dont realize you need (But it magically shows up in the TacPack) These little neoprene unitsinstall between your upper and lower receiver to create some tension and downgrade any play between the receivers. Small Item big diference!

TACFIRE AMBISAFETY SELECTOR $20.00 What this item may lack in fancy packaging, makes up for with life changing functionality on your kit! Folks constantly ask us to include an Ambi safety selector and we say its about time!

AMERICA GRIP 2 PACK GRIPS W/ TOOLS $20.00 We’ve had a long running relationship with the folks at America Grip. These are super clever and USA made with rugged ABS plastic. The tool grip fits most modern rail systems and accepts mose 2″ hex shanked tool bits allowing you to customize your loadout. America Grips innovative, dependable and highly affordable tool grip system reduces pack weight, simplifies real time repairs and offers unmatched convenience both at home and in the field. Shooters both recreational and professional trust America Grip when preparing for and carrying out unique missions all across the globe.

MAY PACK HINTS:  We have our ‘sights’ set on the May pack! Variety is the spice of life and this next pack features 6 items total! Goodies and gear that will kick off the summer with a BANG!

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Featuring companies like X-Steel, X-tech, GUNTEC USA and more.
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Check out the live un-boxing here!

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