LOCKED & LOADED: Residents Fight Back After Would-Be Robber Pulls Gun…

A group of Indiana apartment residents beat up a would-be robber and kept him in custody using their own firearms until authorities could arrest him, police said.

Kokomo police reported that Marrell Tyler, 18, received multiple facial injuries when he broke into the Annex of Kokomo apartments on Thursday at 3:25 a.m.

Police responded quickly but arrived to find Tyler beaten up and held at gunpoint, thanks to the actions of three men who had been inside the first apartment he had entered.

The men told police that Tyler had entered the apartment wearing a ski mask and pointing a gun at them. They jumped him, knocking away the gun and pinning him down.

Tyler pulled a second gun that went off but did not injure anyone. One of the men grabbed his own gun and used it to subdue Tyler until the police could arrive.

Police arrested Tyler on a burglary charge, which is a level 2 felony.