Libtards Have a Range Day, and It’s Hilarious

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Where to begin?

CT writes

Well, first of all, let’s start with the range, which seems conspicuously trash-strewn for being run by individuals allegedly willing to fight and die for the party of Al Gore. That’s just the beginning, though. Check out where they’re shooting from — 25 yards away or less.

As one of the writers at pointed out, “U.S .Army Field Manual on marksmanship indicates that the weapon is zeroed (sighted) at 25 meters, with qualified training taking place at 50 meters or further, and a maximum scored distance of 300 meters.”

For those of you who aren’t firearm fans, zeroing your rifle is calibrating the sight so that it hits a target at a certain distance. They don’t seem terribly interested in zeroing it at all, and are instead shooting from a very short distance.

And even at that range, they can’t hit anything. Check out the portion of the video beginning at 2:05. Bullets are clearly missing short-range targets by five yards or more. The only marksmanship test they would be able to pass is the one to become an Empire Stormtrooper.

This militia, in case you hadn’t noticed, is named after abolitionist John Brown. For those of you who have gone through Common Core American history and are unfamiliar with the name, he was an insurrectionist who was hanged after an armed rebellion against the Democrat-backed slave owners of the antebellum South. Say what you will about his methods, he was a man of conviction and bravery.

These idiots, meanwhile, are nothing more than cowardly defenders of the modern incarnation of the party Brown died fighting. They back an ideology that has no respect for gun rights, but they’re willing to compromise that in order to intimidate Americans into giving up their freedom of speech and assembly.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that individuals with such negligible convictions and morals also have such negligible skill at handling a firearm. These dress-up militia members couldn’t hit the side of a Chick-fil-A from 20 feet, though I fear that may not be for lack of trying.

We’ll see how long they keep this video up on YouTube, given that it’s the funniest seven minutes since “Who’s on First?”


Reminds me of this….

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