Liberal Tears!!!! How AmericanGunChic collects them! w/Tactical Sh*t!

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Americangunchic just released a new video!!!!  NEW VIDEO!!!!Liberal Tears!! w/ Tactical Shit

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Special of the Week!!!  (This will change weekly)

Liberal Tears Gun Lube!!  $16.95
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Liberal Tears Gun Oil – Bacon Scented – 4oz

Guns have only two enemies; Rust and Liberals. Liberal Tears Gun Oil protects against both. We have bottled Liberal Tears to create a CLP that gives you guaranteed 2nd Amendment protection.

New Liberal Tears Gun Oil is NOW BACON SCENTED

  • An extremely advanced, proprietary blended, gun lubricant that will deliver unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments.
  • Extreme lubricity was our primary goal, and we reached it! We formulated the new Liberal Tears gun oil to outperform the current “full auto” lubricants, so we’re confident it will outperform anything you’re currently using.
  • New Liberal Tears delivers unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments.

New Liberal tears gun oil traps the carbon and debris, caused by firing your weapon, within the lubricant so it’s easily cleaned off. The strong lubricant layer, created on the surface of your weapon, will protect it against fouling and make cleaning your weapon a breeze.

 Made in America

Liberal Tears!! Get You Some!!! (Language) by Tactical Sh*t

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